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System Design

 We understand you are unique. And very likely, so is every member of your family. At LTG, we take the time to get to know you so we can design a system personally tailored to your preferences and lifestyle.


Technology should respond to you and how you live. and true automation makes basic repeatable events 'automatic'. We'll create a system that learns your habits, preferences, likes and dislikes so it does the work for you. Not the other way around.

Media Rooms

From events to parties to big game days, LTG will deliver a system that performs! Ultra HD video and concert-like sound combine on multiple screens to create the best entertainment experience a home can have. Watch multiple channels and sources on different screens easily. And with the push of one button on your smartphone or touchscreen, you can completely change the entire audio and video experience.

Lighting control is an often overlooked component of the modern home. LTG can design, install and program a lighting solution that will provide the right ambience, flexibility and energy savings that should be a part of a smart home. And lighting control does not have to be expensive. LTG can deliver the right system for you that falls within your budget.

Lighting Control

A/V Distribution

Any source, anywhere. That's what a properly designed and distributed system should provide. We are experts in AV and IT technology and the perfect system is always a combination of those two technologies tailored exactly to your needs and the environment it serves.

Controlling your environment easily is the key to managing energy consumption and usage. LTG's control and automation systems do all the work behind the scenes yet make it simple for you to make manual changes at any time you require. We also specialize in building energy efficient schedules based on your lifestyle and habits so you don't waste energy which can be costly.

Climate & Energy

Enjoy the piece of mind knowing that your home and it's surroundings are safe and secure by simply looking at your smartphone or tablet and opening an app. It's that simple. A brief look at all the different cameras that are live and sending you images tells you all is OK allowing you to relax and not have to worry about your home or office's security.

Remote Monitoring

Home Theater

If you want the full Hollywood experience, then a personal home theater is what you need. Incorporating all the latest formats of Ultra HD and the various sound decoding formats our systems will not disappoint. In fact, they will thrill you, the family and your guests.

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