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Digital signage 




With the state of the world during and after covid, conferencing has become a necessity of everyday life and conducting business.  One of the most common technological disadvantages is conferencing from a basic system such as a laptop or desktop when you could be using purpose-built voice and video reinforcement.  A system specifically designed for your space, microphones to properly capture and deliver the audio of your meetings to those on the other end of your calls, and the appropriate connections to connect your device to the system to present content across any platform.  One point of control, seamless operation, and exceptional audio and video are what make your conferencing experience superior.  Whether you use one platform or many, we can design a solution that will support your organization and clients to ensure you never skip a beat and get the most out of every interaction.

Conferencing Solutions


Building Management

Whether in a retail environment, hotel, education, or corporate space, retail signage can aid in driving your message to your desired audience.  Ranging from 2x2 all the way to custom paneling to fit unique shapes and sizes, we work with some of the top manufacturers in the industry to provide a solution trailered to your organizations needs.  Digital Signage, interactive displays, and site-wide content provisioning can take the guesswork out of staying consistent through varying spaces.  

Digital Signage

Coordination and maintenance of conference room spaces can be a task, but imagine if you had a software package with the capability of not only simultaneously pushing firmware updates, but also granting your organization the ability to check current status and functionality of already deployed systems.  Remotely reset problem rooms, take in-room control, and see whether or not a particular space is online and in use.  There are a number of solutions on the market form top manufacturers, let us help your business alleviate the burden when it comes to upgrading and everyday maintenance.  

Building Man
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