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Distributed Audio & Outdoor Living


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Home Control and Automation

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Home Theater & Video Distribution

Home Theater
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Distributed Audio &
Outdoor Living

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Home Control
Home Theater

Utilizing the industries latest technology, we design complete systems to cater to your lifestyle.  With over 30 years of combined industry experience, we will assist you in identifying which manufacturer is right for you.  We aren’t necessarily focused on each and every individual product category but holistically  addressing the needs of your household and how you prefer to interact with your home to make life easier and more enjoyable.  That is what Home control and automation provides, an experience that enables enjoyment and utilization at a higher, more efficient, level. 

Home theaters are the center of entertainment within most families, whether it be enjoying a movie after work or sitting down to watch sporting events on the weekends, a perfectly designed and executed theater space can provide exactly what your family needs to maximize your time together.  We not only provide state of the art displays and projectors, but we additionally offer a number  of custom furniture solutions just right for your theater space.  Sitting down the family, pressing one button to control the lighting, the curtain, the audio system, etc, will allow you to focus on what’s important, experiences with friends and family.  A video distribution system will allow you to start and stop content on any display in your home.  Send the audio through the theater or the entire home so you don’t miss anything when you get up to refill your drink or for intermission.  This also gives every TV the ability to tune into any content without having bulky, space consuming set top boxes or streaming devices at every display.  

Every system is different and there’s no one right way to program it. The user interface is what you interact with every time you choose to control a part of your system and it’s critical that you are a crucial part in its design.  We will work with you hand in hand to determine which automated features you want available and what your systems interface looks like whether it be on an app on your favorite device, a dedicated touchscreen, or remote.  

Distributed Audio & Outdoor Living

Distributed audio systems are typically broken down into listening zones throughout your home and outdoor spaces.  Each controlled individually, or as part of a unified experience, with the same music or entertainment audio  playing throughout all of your spaces.  Each zone can listen independently and at their own preferred volume levels.  Play your favorite sports games audio throughout the entire home, or use your preferred services such as Spotify, Pandora, or ITunes.  Use the same app, remote, or touchscreen that you use to control the rest of your systems to control your audio both inside and out. 

As one of the most overlooked parts of a residential system, outdoor living spaces should have a purpose driven design to maximize your use of technology and it’s entertainment value. From specialized outdoor audio solutions to landscape lighting, pool control, and weatherproof displays, we will ensure you know each and every option for your space.


Lighting &
Motorized Shading Systems 


Multiple zone lighting control isn’t the same without one interface to control it all from.  Do you find yourself going back into rooms and parts of the house only to find that you commonly forget to turn off the lights?  Designing and implementing a whole-Home lighting a shading solution allows you to have two-way feedback of where your system stands, on, off, and even what level the lights are at or shades opened to.  Maximize the potential of your home by utilizing the appropriate control throughout your space.

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